How can you spend a wonderful holiday in Xinyuan?

1. Walking in the most beautiful garden in Yilan, every corner is a beauty spot. Enjoy a trip to a dreamy English garden; you don't have to travel far to Europe.

2. Put on the princess dress we provide, and the room becomes your exclusive studio! Each one is a super beautiful shot without retouching.

Fantasy princess dressing room: each person can choose a dress and accessories to take pictures in the room or garden

3. Cupid, the god of love, represents eternal love, and this is also a must-see attraction!

4. Sit in the Angel Library, choose a book you like, and spend a wonderful and comfortable vacation with the beautiful scenery outside the window.

5. Xinyuan Tea House is like a small tea museum, where you can appreciate the owner's collection of tea sets! We have arranged four styles of tea culture themes to make you an elegant tea master.

6. Xinyuan outdoor barbecue party.

7. Xinyuan English-style coffee house, enjoy delicious food in the European country kitchen.

8. Host a royal overnight party, from 3:00 pm to check out the next day, with a full and rich itinerary, creating an unforgettable group trip for you!

We wish you a slow and nice castle tour in Xinyuan!

Hello friends, I am Wanxin, the hostess of Xinyuan.

"A life with dreams is the most beautiful world".
I hope that the castle in my dream will always open its doors to welcome those who are destined.

"Thanks to my husband" for completing my dream castle, and we faced and solved problems together during the construction process. The plants in the garden are like my children. They wear different colored clothes according to the seasons, exuding different fragrances, and warmly welcome the friends who enter the garden.

Wish you have great trip in Xinyuan.