【Pet-friendly accommodation in Yilan|Traveling with pets】

Welcome to travel with pets to our dream garden!

We provide exclusive pet rooms, including private gardens, where pets can stay with their owners.

【Pet cleaning fee】

Reminder: When pets enter public areas, please lead them on a leash or take a stroller.
After check-out, we will use cleaning and disinfection to protect everyone's health~

The cleaning fee is NT$800 for each piece under 10 kg, and NT$1,200 for each piece over 10 kg

An instant meal box is given for each pet, and dogs under 10 kg can change into pet clothes and take pictures.

※If you bring pets, please inform us when you make the reservation. If you do not inform us in advance, you will be charged NT$2,000 per pet!

Xinyuan My Dream Castle Pet-Friendly Accommodation