Hello friends~ I am Wanxin, the hostess of Xinyuan...

I want to serve myself and my family and friends a cup of delicious tea, I have made my tea-making hobby more refined over the past 30 years. After a series of tea-learning and tea-testing, I passed the Taiwan Lu Yu Tea Master Examination, and the Mainland National Senior Tea Artist and Appraiser. I hope to remind myself that the purpose of learning tea is to become a bosom friend with tea, and passing the exam is only the beginning of the road to learning tea, and it is just to let the clouds and fog on the road dissipate. At present, both the husband and the two daughters have passed the Taiwan Lu Yu Tea Master Examination, and the whole family is working hard together in the process of learning tea.

"Tea", for me, accompanies me in different ways at every stage of my life. As a child, tea was a task and an expectation. My sister and I are responsible for picking tea and water to quench the thirst of the hard-working adults in the fields, and we are always praised. Tea at this time is a kind of affirmed joy for me.
At the age of twenty-five, I was admitted to the public office. During the training period for civil servants, I took a tea art course after class. This was the beginning of my self-improvement through tea. The seed of this tea learning was buried early, and it grew slowly. Tea at this time is a kind of affirmation of myself for me, and it is also the beginning of a new stage of life.
Now, many years later, tea is a given for me. I hope my tea soup can make people feel happy. I love to drink tea with my family, and I hope my grandchildren will feel the love from them as they learn to tea. Every learning is precious, and learning tea is an art of giving. We continue to improve and correct ourselves through tea, improve the technology of making tea, and find ways to make ourselves and others feel happier.

Xinyuan Tea House is located next to Cupid Square. It has a collection of tea utensils from the owner for many years, as well as four kinds of tea culture special tea  exhibitions! Accommodation guests can visit for free.

Literati small pot tea method
Chaoshan Gongfu tea method
Japanese Matcha Road
Song Dynasty tea ordering method

Friends who are interested in tea culture are welcome to come! You can make an appointment with the housekeeper ~ 0966-660565

There is also a tea ceremony experience with a professional tea master (need to make an appointment one week in advance). The tea tasting experience costs NT.2,000 for 50 minutes. One table can entertain five tea guests, with Chinese refreshments.