【Beautiful Feast】

Wanxin, the homestay hostess born in Nan'ao, insists on promoting the crops produced in the natural environment to travelers who stay in Xinyuan. This is not only a kind of health care, but also a gratitude to the land that once nourished oneself. I hope that with such beautiful ingredients, people will be moved by the taste of nature!

The "English Breakfast" time is warm and moving. Enjoy a wonderful breakfast feast and a cup of hand-brewed specialty coffee in a cafe full of British classics; the aunts kindly introduce the meals. This is a service that can be experienced every day in Xinyuan.

We also provide "Organic Herb Steak Meal" and "English Afternoon Tea". You can sit in the classic British-style Xinyuan Coffee House and enjoy the green scenery in the garden. The Qianping Garden in the B&B makes people feel like they have come to the secret place of Grimm's fairy tales. There is also an exclusive outdoor barbecue area to enjoy the garden barbecue party! If there is a need for birthday celebrations, marriage proposals or weddings, Xinyuan also provides garden package services!

"English Full Table Healthy Breakfast"

Supply time 8:00~09:30

every morning,
Audrey Hepburn would come to New York dressed elegantly
Enjoying her breakfast in front of Tiffany's jewelry store on Fifth Avenue.
The croissant and hot coffee in her hand are no longer ordinary because of the sense of ceremony, but like a feast.

Every day, we prepare a full English breakfast for you,
Start your morning with a pot of herbal tea picked from the garden and Assam milk tea!

The ingredients and cooking methods are presented with the original taste of the food.
There are Yilan scallion pancakes, seafood porridge from Nanfangao, roasted chicken drumsticks with rosemary,
Healthy fresh mushroom soup, fresh vegetables and fruits from small farmers, freshly roasted pumpkin & sweet potato,
Prefer fresh eggs, homemade bread and a cup of boutique hand-brewed coffee.

Daily selection of hand-dripped coffee

Waiting to provide you with a different breakfast feast!

"English Afternoon Tea 15:00-17:00"

You can choose a three-tiered afternoon tea meal. Delicious and colorful Italian gratin pizza, 

cake and fresh fruit, cheese chicken roll or beef roll are all highly recommended!

You can change royal costume and enjoy afternoon tea to experience a royal feast!

Cost of dress change for non-staying guests is 790 yuan + 10%: You can choose a set of dress + a set of headgear and accessories for photos; a set of English-style three-tiered afternoon tea and drinks are included.

"Organic Herb Steak Meal 18:00-20:00" needs to be reserved in advance

Using garden-planted herbs and healthy vegetables to create appetizing health dishes, the meals provided by Xinyuan,
Hope you can enjoy it!